Top 5 Reasons Why People Choose NOT To Get The Shot

1) It’s My Body

Is your body yours?  Is it the government’s?  Who has power over your body? Who decides what you must put in your body and what medical procedures you must have? You? A politician? An employer? 

People who have decided they don’t want the vaccine have answered those questions this way:

  • My body is mine.
  • It is not the government’s.
  • I have power over my body.
  • I decide what I put in my body and what medical procedures I have.
  • I will not give control of my body to a politician or an employer.

Remember that giving power over your body to someone else is a slippery slope. 

What happens when the government or an employer decides that all women with a certain gene must get a mastectomy?  All men over a certain age must take hormone therapy? All children must have a medical procedure?  Are you free then?

2) The Vaccines are Experimental and are Unsafe

The Covid vaccines were not safety tested to find the long-term side effects. 

Most vaccines are tested for about 8 years.  The Covid vaccines were tested for less than 1 year. 

People who are getting the vaccines are getting very sick and some are dying after getting the shots.   So far, the government’s VAER’s database (Vaccine Adverse Event Report System) has identified 15,000 deaths and 7000,000 injuries associated with the Covid vaccines.

3) Vaccine Wasn’t Proven to Stop Covid

The vaccines are not guaranteed to stop you from getting Covid.  There are thousands of people who still get Covid after getting the shots.  In fact, the drug companies’ own data shows that the vaccines are barely effective.  For example, here are the actual numbers from Pfizer:

18,198 people got the vaccine and 18,190 did not get Covid. 

18,325 got the placebo and 18,163 did not get Covid. 

The difference between the vaccinated and unvaccinated was less than 1%. 

4) Covid is not Deadly for the Vast majority of People

The risk factors for Covid include: over the age of 70, obese, diabetic and lack of Vitamin D.  Studies have proven again and again that having those risk factors will make you more susceptible to getting Covid. 

But what about children or healthy adults in their middle ages? The risks of getting deadly ill or dying from Covid are tiny.

For example, according to the CDC, 1,865 people aged 24 and less died of Covid.  For children aged 14 and younger the total Covid deaths are 677.

There are almost 60 million children in the US under the age of 14.  So the risk of dying of Covid is about .00001. For those under the age of 24 the risk of dying from Covid is .000018.

5) Manufacturers Are Not Responsible When Their Vaccines Hurt or Kill Someone

If a company makes a dangerous product that hurts or kills you, you can file a lawsuit.  If you are successful you will be rewarded money to help pay for your injury.  That’s the way our system works in the U.S.  It’s a good system.  Why? Because it gives manufacturers a reason to make their products as safe as possible.  If they make an unsafe product they could be forced to pay.  It’s that simple.

But, not with the Covid vaccines.

The Covid vaccine makers ran to Congress and got total indemnity through something called the Prep Act.  What does that mean?

It means that if someone gets killed or injured by their vaccine they can’t be sued.  So for the vaccine makers it’s all reward (big profits!) and no risk.  Obviously, this does not give the vaccine makers a reason to make a safer product.